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Optimized Program Service LLC provides sophisticated magnetic design and evaluation software. Developed by specialists in transformer design these programs sort through  your technical data, perform complicated calculation and logic routines to produce cost-effective designs with increased efficiency.

Optimized Program Service, LLC

In today’s transformer marketplace, low cost designs are a necessity. You need fast, accurate answers to complex engineering problems and the ability to quickly evaluate design alternatives. You also have to keep pace with fluctuating material prices and be cognizant of how those materials can affect the performance and cost of your products.

Our programming staff has over one-hundred years of combined experience in transformer design and manufacturing. We’re experts at what we do. Our programs are fast, accurate, easy to use, and have been proven in use throughout the world for over 50 years.


OPS design programs include:

Transformer (TRANS)

TRANS is a comprehensive design program used to design a wide range of linear single or three phase transformers with or without rectified outputs from very small sizes to ratings of several thousand KVA.

Inductor (INDUCTOR)

INDUCTOR is a multi-featured design program for designing a wide range of inductive devices using a variety of gapping arrangements.

High Reactance (HIREAC)

HIREAC designs high-reactance applications that require side-by-side windings with air space or magnetic shunts between windings; concentric windings with magnetic shunts between coils; or concentric windings with a second gapped core structure.

Ferroresonant (FERRO)

FERRO designs a wide range of constant voltage ferroresonant transformers. FERRO designs both two-coil and three-coil (harmonically compensated) type transformers.

High Frequency (HITRANS)

HITRANS is a powerful computer-aided design program, which is a companion program to TRANS intended for high frequency applications up to 500KHZ.

Optimization (TOPT)

TOPT is a non-linear optimization program that develops the best combination of materials to minimize losses, cost, weight or size of a transformer.

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