Auxiliary Programs

We offer various auxiliary programs that work with along side our transformer and inductor design programs. These auxiliary programs and their features are listed below:

X-Analysis (Extended Analysis)

This program is Included with our TRANS, INDUCTOR & HIREAC programs.

The extended analysis program allows the designer to evaluate a transformer for different operating conditions – duty cycles, changes in input voltages, changes in loading, effects of frequency changes or temperature changes – as well as providing further information about the design.

X-ANALYSIS can be used for evaluation of the following:

  • Load Performance
  • Radial Build
  • Temperature
  • Frequency
  • Duty Cycle
  • Impedance
  • Capacitance
  • Loss Summary
  • Change Load
  • Set Turns
  • Input Volts
  • NECR Impedance
  • Dual Ratio Parallel Connection
  • CEC Efficiency
  • DOE-Standard / NEMA-TP1 Efficiency
  • DOE Standard Efficiency Level Look-up Table 2016
  • CSA C – 802.2.12 Canada-Efficiency Look-up Table
Extended Analysis Transfomer Design Software

Database (Custom Database Program)

This program is Included with our TRANS, INDUCTOR & HIREAC programs.

The DATABASE program allows the designer to customize the programs for the materials, sizes and costs to be used in the design. The user has complete control over what items are to be considered by the programs to provide realistic, accurate and cost effective design results.

The DATABASE Program has changeable files for:

  • Core Materials, dimensions and cost
  • Conductor material prices, sizes and stranding options
  • Insulation Materials, thicknesses and costs
  • Labor cost elements for winding, stacking, assembly, testing and packing
Database Program High Frequency design

MasterFile (Master File Creator)

This program is Included with our TRANS, INDUCTOR programs.

MASTERFILE creates a ASCII text file of all data created or used by the TRANS program in a fixed file format which can be imported to other programs. The file is automatically created from the TRANS during the design process.

MASTERFILE is used to create:

  • Specifications
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Bills of Materials
  • Quotations
  • Spreadsheets
master file transformer design software