How It Works

Design requirements are submitted to the program simply by clicking a button on a mouse, or by entering data into a text or numerical field. Built-in logic directs the user through the entire design process, asking for all data necessary to develop a design that meets the specific requirements of the application.

Multiple choice questions and on-screen illustrations show alternatives that are available for each condition and provide a graphical representation of the selections. The designer can use pre-programmed default values or change the data to meet any special requirements of the design.

The data is then submitted to the programs which quickly develop a practical design. Using a modular architecture, specific routines are called in to achieve different levels of functionality. The programs can automatically select cores, wires or insulation, or the user can enter his own. Unlike “spreadsheet” design programs, the designer has complete control of the programs through the entire design process.

The format of the program’s output includes physical characteristics, dimensions, material requirements, and mechanical clearances, as well as a complete and very comprehensive electrical analysis of the final design – all presented in clear and easy to read style.

Data provided in the master file by the programs can be reformatted or customized to meet your current drafting standards.

*OPS offers custom programming to merge the final design output to your specifications.*

What People Are Saying

 We have used OPS program to design dry type transformer more than 15 years. I think it’s very powerful transformer design software.  It’s very simple to access and get result fast. I’m very happy our design value are close to actual test result, such as core loss, temperature rise etc.  Every time when I have question, always can get resolve right away. Without OPS program, we can not make fast and accurate design to meet customer requirement. I’m very appreciate OPS program’s help.


I thank you again for all the wonderful service you provided to me over the years. We couldn’t have achieved what we did in 2007 with DOE without OPS- that’s an absolute certainty – and I feel terrible because I remember it was so much overtime for you and Paul, but it was revolutionary work and completed changed the US market.