Program Enhancements Feature:

Calculation Enhancements
New Core Materials
User Protection Statements
Friendly Page Navigation
Design Data Print-Out Additions

Transformer Enhancements

New Options                                                                                                                                                    

  • 5% Conductivity Copper
  • Shield Type and Placement
  • Internal Winding Core Loss Effect
  • Tank Watts
  • Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC)
  • Multi-Conductor Linear Space Factor (MCLSF)
  • END+FULL-Internal Ducts (Design Example)
  • Radial Build (Extended Analysis)
  • Oil Viscosity Option
  • Wedge and Space for Oval and Oval End
  • Cruciform Winding I.D.
  • Cruciform Winding Form Dimensions
  • Foil Busbar-Type and Dimension

User Friendly Enhancements

  • Protection Statements
  • Output Displays
  • Calculation Enhancements                  

High Frequency – New Program

  • Description
  • Features
  • Designing with Litz Wire

Inductor Enhancements

New Options

  • Different Gap Thickness ENDS-UNDER
  • Multiple-Conductor Sizes
  • Oil Viscosity
  • Litz Wire
  • Core Material (Data Files)
  • Turn/Layer
  • Ducts in Core
  • Kool Mu Core
  • Pancake Coil Form- Aircore Inductor
  • Common Mode

User Friendly Enhancements

  • “Trap Inductors YES is recommended”
  • Master file excel template is merged under specification option
  • Calculation Enhancements                

Hireactance Enhancements

  • Multi-Frequency
  • Shield Options
  • Calculation Enhancements

For more details on additions and software, please contact OPS to set up a demonstration using your design specifics.   440-238-0700