Program Enhancements Feature:

Design Calculation Enhancements
New Core Materials
User Protection Statements
Design Data Print-Out Additions

Transformer Enhancements


  • Multi Conductor Grouping-different height and width options on multi-wire (up to 6)
  • Group Comb
  • Stored Strip Widths For Cruciform
  • Cruciform Miter Round to Oval
  • Variable Full Duct Size Within Same Layer
  • Variable External Duct Size
  • Recommended Electrical Clearance (BIL)
  • Bulge Factor For Ducts
  • Fanned Out Degrees Enhanced: 4, 7, 10, Other
  • 3 Phase 4 Legged
  • New Tap Options
  • Same as Secondary 1 Up To 6 Secondaries for Data Input
  • Winding Thermally Merged


  • Stored Core Material description for JFE grades
  • Stacking Factor Tables
  • Stacking Factor Curve
  • Expanded Output Glossary
  • 3 Phase 5 Legged Unicore
  • Default Core Loss Destruction Factor Table
  • Canada Efficiency
  • Toroid Design; Conductor Selection through Database
  • Description for Data Entries Updated for both Metric and English Options
  • Descriptions for all Core Material
  • Stored Core Materials – Metric Table
  • Destruction Factor/Thickness/Stacking Factor Option Added to More Core Materials
  • M6 Glass Film Option


  • Warning for coil overbuild
  • Unit of measurement (english/metric)
  • Nameplate voltage
  • Multiwire printout notes
  • Nominal Resistance at 20 C – High Tap
  • Metric unit multi-wire option – wire weight for each individual wire /li>

For more details on additions and software, please contact OPS to set up a demonstration using your design specifics. email or call 440-238-0700

Inductor Enhancements


  • Ferrite Core
  • Powder Iron Core Options for Toroid: Kool Mu, Sendust, High Flux, MPP, XFlux, AMO Flux
  • Stacking Factor Tables
  • New Core Material
  • Additional Thickness And Destruction Factors


Litz Wire Data File Extended (up to 2.8 mhz)M6 Glass FilmAdditional Lamination OptionsAdditions to Print Out

High Reactance Version Enhancements

Multi-Frequency EnhancementsShield OptionsProgram Updates – Bulge Factor, Insulation, Wire Film/Wrap, Standard Thermal Parameters