Here is how we are using the OPS software

  1. Training tool to teach new designers without bogging them down by executing the calculations.
  2. Model existing product to predict future design performance.
  3. TOPT was used to define the DOE design parameters
  4. TRANS was used to develop DOE line of efficient transformer.
  5. Used Inductor to verify some internal inductor design spreadsheets and product modeling.
  6. I am using FERRO to model our units to assist our testing department.

How is OPS impacting transformer design?


1.OPS stays on top of the new materials and incorporates them into the program continuously.

Amorphous cores

Multiple grades of strip steel including special inputs

Alconex Gold wire

Litz wire

2.OPS allows the use of many different core configurations which gives me great flexibility in the design process.

3.Using OPS allows me to run multiple iterations of a design in a very short period of time.

“Every design we do is custom, this saves huge amounts of time.”

This allows me to come up with the most economical design quickly.

4.The OPS program inputs and our design criteria have been adjusted so we know an OPS design will meet the design requirements accurately.

5.The different type of programs that OPS offers allows me to design most any transformer/reactor quickly.

Currently we use (4) of OPS’s programs

6.OPS continuously works with their clients to make improvements to their programs

When I was having issues with a high frequency design calculations OPS was extremely helpful in many of the calculations that I didn’t have.

7.The OPS seminars/classes are very helpful to both veteran users and beginners.

Tim Abbey

 All we can say from our side is that the service OPS offer our company is one of consistency and efficiency.

OPS have good morals and principles and the response time for solving problems is very quick.

The small issues that we tend to come across on a daily basis are solved almost instantly.

We thank OPS for their kind help and assistance whenever we call upon them.

Gary Jones

Thank again for wonderful day, you made us feel very welcome and comfortable. It was very nice putting faces with voices, you have pleasant staff. We are looking forward to working with you for a long time.


The Seminar was wonderful, I learned a lot. Thank you for taking the time out to present your software.

Marrell Newman Sr