We have used OPS program to design dry type transformer more than 15 years. I think it’s very powerful transformer design software.  It’s very simple to access and get result fast. I’m very happy our design value are close to actual test result, such as core loss, temperature rise etc.  Every time when I have question, always can get resolve right away. Without OPS program, we can not make fast and accurate design to meet customer requirement. I’m very appreciate OPS program’s help.


The OPS program is used extensively by our company.   The program has impacted our ability to design many types of magnetics that we were not as successful in the past with other software tools.  Once we have designed the magnetics, we use the netlist function of the software to allow us to quickly turn the design into a sales quote.  Our time and accuracy have increased tremendously by using OPS to pull our manufacturing part numbers directly from our ERP system that matches what we have designed with.  Since the quote is more accurate, our sales team has more confidence in the pricing and can price accordingly.  Once the order is received, the mechanical designers have a mini BOM already generated from the sales quote to aid in the creation of the manufacturing specification. 


What attracted me to OPS over 25 years ago were the impressive credentials of the technical and computing staff who took the time to explain the way they were going to help me make the transition from an archaic manual transformer and inductor design environment to a superbly new efficient way to come up better and faster results.

The nimbleness of OPS to adapt to the new platforms and keep up with the latest technical innovations allowed me – and I suspect many customers – to stay ahead.

For over 25 years I have benefitted from the two most salient characteristics of OPS: an unparalleled responsiveness to customers’ needs and problems and an unusual ability to utilize feedback and industry innovation to constantly improve and maintain their eminent place in the magnetics design program community.


We would like to express our satisfaction with the job delivered by Optimized Program Service LLC (OPS). Since coming onto the project, OPS has carried out incredible energy into ensuring that the project runs smoothly. They have been working with very tight deadlines and they have performed admirably.

Please accept our sincerest gratitude for the superior job you have done.

Your co-operation in this regard is highly appreciated.

MD Anwarul

I thank you again for all the wonderful service you provided to me over the years. We couldn’t have achieved what we did in 2007 with DOE without OPS- that’s an absolute certainty – and I feel terrible because I remember it was so much overtime for you and Paul, but it was revolutionary work and completed changed the US market.

Michael Scholand

“It is always nice to talk to you each week when we have the opportunity to do so. I just wish that sometimes we could have a longer conversation because I really enjoy talking to you…I always look forward to our talks once a week about our development and going forward with various problem solving. But to me it is not only about that all the time, I really enjoy your company and the way we connect on a friendship basis. I have always thought very highly of you with regards to your commitment and dealing with the uphill that we give you weekly. Your ability to just keep grinding away at the grindstone is amazing when it comes to helping our company.

OPS have been wonderful through our journey so far and I hope that it will continue that way, which I am sure it would. It has been a pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of people.

I thought I would just share what is really true…”

Gary Jones

I have used OPS extensively for roughly 27 years for designing custom transformers ranging from 100 VA to 2000kVA dry type single and three phase.

Additionally, I have designed high impedance transformers, reactors, autotransformers, welding transformers, and a myriad of variants using the OPS program as a base.

In the work I currently do I like a few features as follows:

In the transformer design program there is a good selection of extended analysis options to allow me to look at certain aspects of the design without modifying the design.

For instance I can choose loss summary, set turns, and change input volts options in order to see the heating details at a low tap which simulates the heating seen under UL heat testing.

Also the load option which gives outputs at multiple percentages of load which gives an indication of where peak performance is.

Another feature is the impedance function that give a value for inrush saving time from redesign for nuisance tripping.

Finally, I should make a note about the master file which gives you access to the data of the design for use in package generation.

The OPS program is a great program to reduce design to production time.


I appreciate the mostly simple and intuitive user interface

OPS helps get ‘draft’ designs done quickly, especially for quotes, which can later be revisited and fine-tuned if need be

Great tool for technical / engineering managers to efficiently check the work of their team and recommend changes as needed

Helps predict fairly accurate performance characteristics such as Impedance, efficiency and temp rise at the design stage.